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October 1 2013 Breaking News UFO Fallen Angels New World Order – last days end times news update

November 19, 2013 12:46 pm25 commentsViews: 98

October 1 2013 Breaking News UFO’s ET Extraterrestrial Alien Nephilim Fallen Angels New World Order – last days end times news prophecy update To purchase DV…





  • Excellent! Excellent! Excellent! Thoroughly researched, well scripted, and
    visually crafted. I’m fairly well read in the subjects covered and found
    the range and details of your research impressive. Although not the reason
    I’m here, I just happen to be living in the country where Madame Blavatsky
    of Theosophy renown was born. You made a clear point that all esoteric
    sciences and societies share a common theme that echoes the lie of the
    serpent Lucifer in the Garden, ‘..with knowledge you will be as gods.”
    You’ve clearly presented the light of Jesus Christ in this dark world. Now
    its others responsibility to listen, watch, and hopefully choose the truth.
    God Bless!

  • The beauty of it all though, is that it’s a free will universe. We all
    choose our own lesson plan, and develop at our own rate. God is you and you
    are God, perhaps you make the choice of where you want to learn lessons
    next after cessation of this physical vehicle on planet earth. The wonders
    of the universe are limitless, and my subjective inference is that religion
    tries to limit the universe and it’s many possibilities. Granted there are
    other entities that will judge you and violate your free will, for the sole
    purpose that they may have a greater awareness of the universe and are more
    technologically advanced then us. The universe is hyperdimensional in
    nature, and is one gigantic hierarchical food chain up to a certain level
    of being. I think this is what has been going on this planet since time
    immemorial. UFOs have been seen in the sky throughout history, and it is
    not a purely physical phenomenon, but a hyperdimensional phenomenon, where
    there is the variability of physicality when dealing with these entities
    who inhabit our sector of space-time. What if what has happened to us is
    just a reoccurring syndrome throughout the universe, where we are just food
    for more advanced hyperdimensional beings feeding on our energy……..not
    angels/demons in a holy war under a jealous, vengeful God for the battle
    between make-believe realms of heaven and hell. But I don’t have all the
    answers, but I will not believe something just because a book says to have
    faith in it! I try to consider all aspects of the pieces of the puzzle.

  • i am not a “christian” but i do hold those innate human morals that do not
    need to be taught to a true 100%natural human being(that said i dont think
    any one truly knows what where and who we are) never the less i do not
    kill,adulterate,steal or intentionally harm others these are states of true
    knowing one does not need to be taught.life is like a joke that you can not
    understand? to get the punch line you need a frame of reference or you will
    never get it soooo if we dont know who,where why and how we are essentially
    blind therefore easily led by others who are masters of deception we all
    want answers to the big questions and someone will always pop up claiming
    they have them often “MONEY”is directly involved i need say no more!!! i
    guess we will all find out in the end life is truly a play we are the
    characters the world is the stage it is a fascinating thing (life)a true
    marvel and wonder i guess “YES”it is a gift what i would like however is
    “GOD” to be a bit more accsesable then all the conjecture and doubt would
    be put too rest in an instant so the question for me is why cant we have a
    direct line with him?

  • So, did any of this happen?
    October has kind of come and gone…

    And what do you have against population reduction anyway? Sounds like a
    good idea to me. You know, the idea isn’t to kill off a bunch of people,
    it’s to encourage you to have at most two children with your significant
    other. Since not all people reproduce, this would make the population
    slowly decline, giving more resources to everyone else.
    Why the hell do you need to make 10 kids?

  • Bill Langehennig

    Lucifer is coming to deceive the World. Before he does those who claim to
    be of our brother Judah but are of the Synagogue of Satan will start war
    with Iran and blow the dome of the rock up. While they are rebuilding the
    temple there will be a 200 million man RED army building up so Lucifer can
    come and save the day by destroying the communist army(Even a fake god will
    not be mocked). He will be literally a beast (mixed animal) he will be
    claiming that he is from a galactic federation of planets across the
    Universe and is god here to save this World. The two messengers will be
    arriving at the same time telling the people how they got it wrong and to
    repent; of course the people will not listen. Lucifer will be allowed to
    put the two messengers to death. People will be so happy the messengers are
    dead they will send each other presents like it was Christmas. This party
    will last three and a half days until the Messengers rise out of their
    physical bodies into their Spiritual bodies as the sky rolls open as a
    scroll and we will be able to see Jesus Christ and all of those who went to
    sleep knowing the truth and accepted Jesus as their Savior at that instant
    the Christians that did not allow themselves to be deceived by Satan will
    transform in a twinkle of an eye (instantly) into their Spiritual bodies
    this is when Jesus begins to poor out the seven cups of wrath on those who
    believed Lucifer’s lies. Before all seven cups have finished EVERY knee
    will bow!

  • Yeah okay. The final point is “once to die and then the judgment’ for each
    and every human soul. I found the revelation of the mystery of the grace
    of God penned by the gentile’s Apostle Paul, as directly dictated to him
    from Jesus after His resurrection and assent back to heaven. God’s
    salvation by grace through faith in cross work of Christ Jesus.

    Take the salvation. It’s free!!! It is essential!!! Illuminati and UFO
    foes, angels and demons and evil people woes,aint gonna count for anything
    in the end. The true final point is rather you are saved by grace or not.

    Nobody has anything going for them but that!!!!

  • Angelus Maximus

    I want to thank evryone who was involved in making such a lifechanging
    worthwile documentry, I pray that God who is Jesus in the flesh bless each
    and every mind, hand and soul that are doing all in their reach to grant
    people the holy and only truth about our lord Jesus Christ. God bless those
    that seek and love the truth, amen.

  • jesus Christ in the Bible Says We Are his Brothers! sons o God and as you
    said in the video of the born of the son,if we are his brothers and as
    jesus christ claims and said you can do everything i can and more,read the
    bible it is there and of course God and Jesus Christ Are REaL.

  • why do people worship Jesus? isnt one of the original 10 comandments tell
    us to only worship one god? im sure when Jesus was alive he did not want
    people to worship him. his father is the one to be worshiped. Jahovah is
    the one true God, to worship anything else is blasphamy imo.

  • eugene cabahug

    Their are many ways to explain this things… But what do you do about it?
    I would rather do and believe something that makes sense… That doesnt
    involve hurting another person and i think its enough.

  • Deborah Eveninglight

    Remember Mark 9:23 With man this is impossible, but with God all things are
    possible.Don’t settle for living a lukewarm life when God said we can be
    be perfect. So Repent,pray and ask God to take rule over you in your heart
    and to give you revelation to know Him and overcoming power to live for
    Him.He will do it if you keep asking. Matthew 7:7 Ask, and you shall
    receive.Also Remember any teaching that is contrary with the bible is not
    of God do not be deceived.

  • Why is is so difficult to believe that an ancient race of advanced beings
    came down from the depths of the cosmos and manipulated and subverted
    humanity into slavery ( the worst kind) where the slave thinks they are
    free. Why are we so anthropocentric to think that we are the center of Gods
    creation when we are just one experiment of conscience beings tapped into
    the greater cosmic mind? What is the purpose of the rest of that giant
    universe out there that must be teeming with life? Why do we always have to
    apply our dogmatic self-righteous religions to try and give simple answers
    to complex questions? In my research, and I always try to be objective and
    open-minded, all religions are corrupted and designed through the ages to
    further the control systems agenda, to keep us divided and conquered? It’s
    the old Heglelian dialectic. I choose to search for the truth, not just
    have blind faith in a religion because I fear God. Knowledge protects,
    ignorance endangers

  • Geraldine Gudmalin

    Thank you for sharing this Video, for your research and hard work and
    putting this together! In Jesus name AMEN to faith, hope, truth and promise
    to all the Christians around the world (whatever or whichever denomination
    you belong). Jesus Save Us!

  • Political Bishop

    Anti spelled A.N.T. I. has two pronunciations. An- tea and Ant-eye. An-tea
    =means means same as or similar too.– Ant- eye = means in opposition too
    or against, opposite of. — Anti — (or An-tea) as in Anti Christ explains
    why so many people, Christians included will think the “Anti Christ” is
    Jesus returned. He will be sold or past off as the Savior a righteous
    leader or God. When in fact he is not Jesus or a Savior but Lucifer.

  • Gaz on Reality

    I don’t want New World order, but neither do want religion., both are about
    controlling people.
    I want an intelligent responsible civilised society, where people
    understand balance Where people realise you can not have a policy based
    on infinity growth for it doesn’t work.
    I want intelligent people, to behave intelligently regarding their own
    species or the species we share this planet with, and this planet, so we
    can have a future.

    All I hear in this video is the same as in new world order, we wish to
    control every aspect of your life, whether it’s praying to some god or to
    some government there is no difference. you are all being brainwashed one
    way or another.


    the real truth is at zx42solutions,com end of story

  • So everyone here agrees that the NWO is evil, clearly identifies the
    puppets, and has to go, regardless if it’s demonic or shape shifting
    aliens, then I ask why fight among yourselves? Shouldn’t you all unite in
    the cause of freedom? This disagreement is nothing but a divide and conquer
    tactic so the NWO can take over the last bit of freedom we have.

  • the image of the future (7:00m) could be found in H. G. Wells ‘The Time
    Machine’ … strange…

  • The drums are distracting.

  • KARMA means ‘ reap what is sown’ … this is even a scientific principal
    … ‘for every action there is an equal and opposite action’ …

  • julianne demitro

    there is now way mention in the bible of angles with wings

  • Breaking News means something new ,extraordinary

  • Polina Markelova

    Where is the musical theme from at 2:01:00?

  • Rayleatt Raime

    Thank. you. for sharing. this. video. some. of my questions have been
    answered and things. are more clear bless you.