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Top 10 hottest Celebrities

July 30, 2013 10:28 am25 commentsViews: 6

Ten hot celebs! ***Comment, Rate and Subscribe if u likee!
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My Top 5 Hottest Celebrities.
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  • brianna elkins

    justin bieber is not gay so keep ur opinions to urself

  • cole <3

  • deadlyheartshapev

    im with u but i don’t hate justin beiber im not a hater anyways he is gay he sounds like a fuckin girl he need to hit puberty if he hasn’t yet

  • lmao yea my brother asked my mom if the girl ssang good(jb) and my mom wuz like yea “her” voice sounds so beautiful!! XDDlmao my bro and i wuz crackin up so bad!! XDD

  • Kathy Davis

    at 0:46 omg JB looks like a douche I know! haha that sucks cuz JB is the exact opposite :)

  • 104Musicismylife

    All those guys are super hott but you should check out Jensen Ackles!!!Just google him!!!He is sooooo Hott!!!

  • Yeah I thought he was a girl too! when I heard common denominator from a video hat didn’t name the song, I thought it was a girl!

  • I think you are right about the 10 hottest guys ever:)

  • JOrJ0RAndFAyeFaYe343

    please ad me as a friend!!

  • NibbyandRed

    ya he is

  • NibbyandRed

    he is gay i hate him he sounds like girl

  • NibbyandRed

    im so wit ya he is gay i hate him i wuz listenin to a song and thought a girl was singin then i ask my sis is this rianha or sumtin and she like no dis justin beava well he sounds looks and is just gay allova!!!!

  • hollister1213456789

    ya they are

  • lilwilt9928

    christian beadles isnt even a celeberity

  • justin beiber is a little gay but he is 15 so he can be

  • ashypashy22790

    hahaha I knoww :P

  • SprouseFan2009

    Sprouse twins are really HOT

  • Sydney DePauw

    Well Im sorry iwas typing fast idiot : And dont call me a dumb ass

  • ashypashy22790

    Justin Bieber iss not frickinn gayy.. okiii,…

  • justin bieber is so gay i fricken hat him so much!!!!!!

  • you spelled christian wrong and you spelled Justin’s last name wrong,it’s Bieber not Biber.dumb ass spell it right.

  • Sydney DePauw

    Christina beadles and Justin biber hottest guys eva LUV THEM!!

  • ashypashy22790

    Haha yehh he is cute..
    The sporuse twins and Justin r soo damn hot!

  • ashypashy22790

    Drew Seeley is hot ok.. idk wa u talkin bout!

  • Soraya Duncan

    Taylor Lautner! In real life he’s first right.
    Eww. Drew Seeley. You’re mest up!

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